About Us

Founded on a Hunch
What you see isn’t always what you get, especially when it’s been ground down to powder form. We’re talking about all the unwanted ingredients and unproven claims added to many of the most popular (and even organic) powders out there today. The Organique Co. was created in wake of current powder offerings. After having trouble finding what we were looking for, we had a hunch that many other people were experiencing the same problem. So we decided to re-evaluate the industry and approach it from another angle. Much to our surprise, it was pretty simple. We didn’t have to create anything new, we just had to take a bunch of things out.
Quality & Sustainability
Ensuring safe and sustainable business practices is just as important to us and our future as it is to you. We source only the highest quality superfoods directly from farmers and cultivators around the world that we’ve met personally. Doing this, we can guarantee the highest quality products while ensuring sustainable and eco-friendly methods being used at the same time. In many cases, the cultivation of the ingredients we use even provides an important alternative to destructive farming and deforestation. By minimally processing our superfoods with methods such as freeze-drying and low temperature milling, we do our best to seal in maximum flavor and nutritional value without the fillers and additives. Our ingredients are always whole, most raw, and all 100% organic and GMO-free.